Pivot table Error : downloaded data in text format from pivot table/data visualiser

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I am having issue when downloading data in excel from pivot table. I am getting number with an additional .0 and the downloaded numbers are in text format. I am using DHIS2 2.36.11
Can someone help me with the fix

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In Excel, you can change the number of decimals by selecting the column and then from the Home tab, click Decrease Decimal icon will look like this:

@Thanks AL_GAssim for your answer. I am using the method you describe since 2 weeks now but I would like to have a ready to use excel file as it use to be on previous release version

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May I ask what metadata does the number 0 in the picture you posted represent? Data element, indicator…etc? If Data element then what type? (:

@AL Gassim, the value are of type Number. They are data elements.

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