Pivot table dose not show data

Dear Community Greetings.

I have assigned one data element to two datasets (daily & monthly), it captures data for two datasets and same organization unit, i have data in DAILY DATASET for 1-Mar-21 and MONTHLY DATASET for January-21.

  1. Question: Pivot table dose not show data until 24 hours completed (general problem with all datasets), is this standard or any problem?
  2. Question: After 24 hours pivot table dose not show data for one date (1-Mar-21) until we select another date (only in this case), suppose 2-Mar-21 selected with (2 March or any other date).
  3. Same problem with monthly dataset?
    Note: I only want to create report for one date (DAILY one day and MONTHLY one month).

Your assistance and comments will be highly appreciable in this regards.

Jan Agha Stanikzai

Is your problem related to running the analytics hence why the data is not showing?

If you wish to test it:
-check the table current status
-add some values
-check the table (it is probably not changed)
-run the analytics
-check the table again: it should have changed

Let me know if this is the case.

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