Pie plot options

Sorry if I sound to bad.

Under the charts I thing we miss some thing like this:

  1. The pies should have their own options not the bar ones there. Some could be: hide legend, labels to be added on the plot

By the way under Pie Chart
If you choose Hide Legend DHIS sream on the logs with * ERROR 21:37:37,051 Error while executing action (ExceptionInterceptor.java [http-8080-1])


at org.hisp.dhis.chart.impl.DefaultChartService.getJFreeChart(DefaultChartService.java:527)

(DHIS 2.3 build 4013)

  1. Bar plots should have number labels - sometime it is important to see the bar height value.

  2. Under the chart it seems that we can not place parameters. It would be nice if could have parameters like parent org unit or period as the tables.

And if I have a standard report that actually is a chart how can I place that graph into Dashboard? I have one chart being generated from a table that I can’t generated inside DHIS.