Permanently Transferred TEIs Not Showing in Line Lists

Hello everyone. We are using DHIS2 ver 2.40.1. In one of our tracker programs, we define TEIs as patients and these TEIs have the option of being transferred permanently to other org units within our Program.

The challenge is that when the org units generate a line list of their TEIs using the LineList app, the TEIs that were permanently transferred to them, do not show up on the list.
Also, we are currently migrating data from the tracker program to our new EMR system using the API. When we pull the data for a particular org unit, the TEIs permanently transferred to that org unit do not show up. So, we are having such patients show up at the facility for visits and their records are not on the EMR because they were not contained in the data migration. We have to now migrate the records individually and this is not efficient.
For org units still using the tracker program, their analyses of the TEI data are not complete as these TEIs do not show up on the lists.
Could you help us look into this matter to have a definitive fix?
Is anyone else experiencing this issue and how did you get around it?
Also, please note that the people pulling these lists at the org units generally do not have the skills to work with APIs or do SQL things.
Thank you.



Hi @ifeanyiokoye

I think if we’re able to reproduce this issue then it’s a bug.

Thanks! This explains I think that the above issue in the Line Listing app is also related to the API not returning the TEIs that were permanently moved.

I think the API should return the TEIs and thus it will be easier.

Let’s report this issue in the Line Listing app so eventually you’ll be able to make use of it. Would you like to create a Jira bug issue


Hi @ifeanyiokoye

When you transfer TEI it wouldn’t change the ownership of the TEI.
Therefore I would suggest you to use API point:

Only after this actions full control will be transferred to the new OrgUnit.

Thank you @Ulanbek. This means we would have to do this individually for every TEI transferred to another org unit. In one org unit, for instance, we have over 80 TEIs transferred to them. This would best serve as a temporary solution but needs to be fixed.

For big amount of TEIs get postman and create a script with list of OUs and TEIs. Then run the script as much as you need.

@Gassim I have reported this as a bug on JIRA.

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