Period - October-June

Hi. Is there any such period as October - June within DHIS2? For tracker instances, there are times it is necessary to extract data for October - June and ensure that each TEI is counted only once within the given period.

Hey @dkusiima, may I ask if you mean the month of October and the month of June or is it all the months from October until June of a following year?

Hey @Gassim , I mean picking a batch say Oct 2020 to June 2021 as a batch, just like we have October 2020 - Mar 2021, or Apr 2021 to Sept 2021. Is it possible to pull out a whole batch of the nine months to ensure that each TEI is counted just once in those nine months?

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Hi @dkusiima ,
Thanks for your question. It seems what you’re looking for is a custom period type, different from the standard period types listed in the documentation.

Unfortunately, custom period definitions are not currently available.

However, since you are working with Tracker data, one workaround might be using custom period boundaries in a program indicator.

With the expression V{tei_count}

In pivot tables, with a period dimension of “June 2021”, this would count distinct TEIs with an event from the start of October 2020 to the end of June 2021. So you would just need to make it clear in the pivot table title and program indicator name, that this is counting 9 months of data, not just June.

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