[PERFORM] [OT] linux 3.10 kernel will improve ipc, sysv semaphore scalability

Hopefully when these kernel improvements filter through to ubuntu
repos we'll see some improvement on our postgres performance.
Particularly when we have many connections open (who are all synched
using sysv ipc). Something to look forward to ...


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From: Shaun Thomas <sthomas@optionshouse.com>
Date: 26 March 2013 18:59
Subject: Re: [PERFORM] [OT] linux 3.10 kernel will improve ipc,sysv
semaphore scalability
To: Andrea Suisani <sickpig@opinioni.net>
Cc: "pgsql-performance@postgresql.org" <pgsql-performance@postgresql.org>

On 03/26/2013 08:04 AM, Andrea Suisani wrote:

100 users: 1257.21 (vanilla) 2805.06 (v3 patchset)
400 users: 1437.57 (vanilla) 2664.67 (v3 patchset)
800 users: 1236.89 (vanilla) 2750.73 (v3 patchset)

Wow, I like the look of that. I wonder how this reacts with disabled
autogrouping and increasing sched_migration_cost. If the completely
fair scheduler has less locking contention with this patch-set, those
tweaks may not even be necessary. I need to see if I can find a system
to test on.

Shaun Thomas
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