PDF upload functionality for capture app?

Hello DHIS2 community,

We are investigating ways to upload data into DHIS2 from either a PDF or a survey form such as Microsoft forms. It is to collect and store data from small grant reports, and we are unable to give each organisation their own log in and train them in using the system. It would be better to send them a PDF or online survey to fill out and then we upload into DHIS2.

We have looked at the PDF upload functionality for Data Entry but it would be better for us to store this data in the Capture app. Has anyone done this, or know if this is possible?


Hi @jschofieldwood

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Thank you for your interest. Although, ultimately, it is probably the recommended approach to ensure that the people in the field have the required training as well as access to the necessary resources; however, it’s great that you are researching options with regards to your capabilities. The PDF data entry does seem like an easy idea; however, it will not include features such as program rules and validation checks as well as the ability to create stages, events, and so many other features that the apps provide.

For this reason, I believe that the PDF entry has been limited to certain uses and should not replace the use of the app. Actually, it might be easier to use the Android Capture app instead of filling information in the PDF. You can read more about the android capture app here.

With that being said, if PDF is your last and only resort, you might want to consider researching methods to convert the PDF files to JSON and then use the API to import the data directly. You can read more about the DHIS2 API here: Tracker - DHIS2 Documentation

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