Paging not reacting the same way between versions

the pager reacts strangely on these versions

  • incorrect behaviour

  "pager": {
    "page": 1,
    "pageCount": 1,
    "total": 50,
    "pageSize": 50

In fact it looks like it behave like the event api (where you need to force the page number calculations)
Am I missing such a parameter (totalPages=true) ?

  • Expected behaviour

 "pager": {
    "page": 1,
    "pageCount": 27,
    "total": 1332,
    "pageSize": 50,
    "nextPage": ""
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Found these :

it might explain why versions behave differently
is a backport possible ? is there known a workaround ?

Found a 2.31.3 version instance and was still ok, I assume this broke at some point.

Hello ?