Override the data element category combination: API response difference between <No Overwrite> and leaving it empty

Dear all,

I have realized that when I add a dataElement in a dataSet in the overwrite category setting it is left empty by default. The dataset will display this dataElement with its configured category combination (same and expected result as defining it to <No overwrite).

However, the response retrieved from api/dataSet/ shows the dataSetElement without the category field whereas when specifically setting it as it retrieves the DE category combo.

For instance, in the play server the dataset Child Health has all its DE category combos empty:

And then here is the API response:

Whereas if I check one of them (BCG doses given - s46m5MS0hxu) as

The response shows the category combo.

Is this an expected behavior? What is your advice between configuring a DE as and leaving it blank?



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