Override a category combination

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I would like to override a category combination of data elements, but I do not know how to do it? Could anyone help me with the necessary steps?


Hi @fernando

This is easy to do, but can cause some errors if your category combos are not correct. For some overview on managing these, I encourage you to review the attached resource by Jason re: some best practices to follow.

To override the catcombo, open up your dataset from maintenance. Where you add your data elements, you will see a small wrench icon. When you hover over it it will say “Over ride the data element category combination”

From here you will get a menu which lists your DEs on the left side and allows you to over ride the catcombos on the right side

Just select the catcombo for the DE you want to over ride using this menu.

I generally recommend creating a new data set for this purpose and versioning or archiving the previous data set rather then applying these to an existing dataset if possible.

Let us know if you any questions.

The correct way to create category combos · jason-p-pickering_zambiahmis Wiki.pdf (111.3 KB)

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Hi @Shurajit_Dutta,

Thank you for your clear explanation and the shared link has shed light on unknown aspects about category options, Categories and category combos. Creating a new data set is a viable option. How to archive an old or a previous data set?

Thanks again

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Hi @fernando

To archive I usually just rename the data set and apply a version number to it.

Keep in mind however this will affect your reporting rate summary (ie. the new dataset you make would not have any of your old reporting rates). If you want to maintain the reporting rates together, my suggestion is to export/import them from the old data set to the new one so you can review all of the legacy rates with the new ones together if that is needed. You could test this in a dev instance to see if it gives you the result you are looking for perhaps.

You can get the reporting rates using something like this (replacing the dataset ID with your own ID , dates with your dates and org units with your own OUs): api/completeDataSetRegistrations.json?dataSet=XA8e9AVn8Vo&startDate=2000-01-01&endDate=2017-07-01&orgUnit=mPlB2jqKNP0&children=true

Hi @Shurajit_Dutta,

Your support has been great.

Thank you a lot.

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