outstanding but important and urgent bug

Dear developers team,

In Apr 2018 I reported the bellow bug, which denies us from putting some dates where the corresponding date and time does not exist due to daylight saving.

While this is not very disruptive to our operations, it has become a major source of wrong data, because in order to be able to enter the data, we are choosing a different date (usually 1 day before or after).

Do you think you can have a look at it?


I have just escalated its priority to highest.

Thank you in advance for the hard work!

All the best,



Bernard Sadaka

Information Management Advisor

Première Urgence - Aide Médicale Internationale

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Ain el Remmaneh, Beirut, Lebanon

E-mail: lib.ima@pu-ami.org

Cell: +961 71 004 881 (208)

Skype: imapuami

Website: https://www.pu-ami.org