Output Raw Data in a matrix format -- DHIS2 2.24

Dear Community,

With DHIS2 2.24, I am trying to output raw data in a matrix format. I have used SQL View to output the data. Data values table is presented as following:

orgUnit UID, dataElement1, Value, Period

orgUnit UID, dataElement2, Value, Period

orgUnit UID, dataElement3, Value, Period

orgUnit UID, dataElement4, Value, Period

I would like to output “raw data” for each orgUnit as following:

orgUnit UID, dataElement1, Value, dataElement2, Value, dataElement3, Value, dataElement4, Value, Period

I have used pivot tables , but it is each time doing data agregation of the dataElement.

I would like to have your support for the SQL code that I should run to obtain this result.

With Kind Regards,

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