OU Hierarchy levels change in the Event Visualizer app

the problem was solved, however when I go in events visualizer the behavior changes and I am not able to view all organisations units and hierarchy is compromised at some points.
hierarchy of my organization units normally looks like this

but on event visualizer hierarchy is lost with all level 5 OUnits and some others in other levels and it looks like this
just have highlighted some but all hierarchy is lost ,
any assistance on this?

Thank you for the post! May I ask you what is the DHIS2 version number of the instance that you are using? When I open an of the play.dhis2.org instances, the app displays the OU hierarchy properly. (:

I added more levels and it’s still working:

Thank you @Gassim for your tireless support, I am currebtly using 2.35.3 version
the strange thing is that elsewhere I am able to get the right hierarchy but once I get in event visualizer app the hierarchy is lost.
should I upgrade?

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I’d recommend that you update to 2.35.8 and see if you still have this issue or not! Thanks!