Org Units - vestigial problems with trying to fix org unit hierarchy with two former root org units

Hello - When we first configured our platform (in 2014) we created it with two parallel root (Level 1) org units. Each of these had children org units underneath it. As DHIS2 versions were upgraded, it became clear that this was not a sustainable hierarchy model and we recently edited the hierarchy so that there was a new “root” org unit and we placed the former root categories underneath that.

This was successful in that when we do data entry, and when we use the new data visualizer, the org unit hierarchy appears correctly. However, in the pivot table app and in the data maintenance app (hierarchy operations), we are seeing one of the two former root hierarchies occurring in two locations (see attached screen shot - “Non FC+” is the unit I am referring to). It is a problem because it seems to cause an error when you try to select any child of that org unit in the pivot table. It seems like a vestige of the earlier configuration, but I can’t figure out any way to correct it and eliminate the “ghost”. I don’t want to delete it because when you select any part of it in the maintenance app, it selects in both locations and I am worried I would lose the org units completely.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Hi Karen,

Is the user associated with the new root, rather than old two roots? It might be something else, but worth checking.



Vlad! You are my hero! I had been assuming since I was a superuser on the site that I didn’t need to re-check any of the org unit assignments for myself. I went in and reassigned myself, selecting the new root level only, and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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