Ordering the TE attributes in Tracker

Dear Community,

Does anyone have a clue of how the TEIs can be listed in order (ASC or DESC)?
As per the image below, it was ordered in descending order by default. Any flexibility to make it ascending?


Do you mean like this:

As for changing it to remain the default setting I wasn’t able to find one, would you like to create a feature request for this on jira.dhis2.org? Thanks!

@Gassim Thank you for this. This works but going forward, I was thinking if one TE attribute is selected as a unique identifier (For my case, it is Activity Number) and have the TEIs sorted in ascending order by default.

But meanwhile, the manual column sorting would suffice.


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Hi @Josue

Just to chime in, you can create a custom default sort order with a custom “Tracked Entity Instance Filter”, which you can learn more about in the developer guide here.

Currently you can only create this filter with the API, but it does give options for default sort order by different columns.