OptionSet not showing DHIS2 Android App v2.6 requiring Positive integer instead


Android app v2.6 is not showing Option sets, instead it is requiring positive integers values.

DHIS2 version: 2.35.10

Sorry @antony.sibanda, what mobile render type did you choose for the data element in the tracker program configuration?

Hi @Gassim thank you for swift response. Its currently set to Default

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Thanks, please select one of the other render types (Slider, Linear scale, or Spinner)

Please feel free to post back to the community with the update! :slight_smile:

Hi Gassim,
Do we expect this to be an issue with 2.6 for all versions of DHIS2? As Antony mentioned we are on 2.35.10, so we are a bit behind. Just wondering if we know whether this is related to version or not.


Thank you for your quick response!
I was able to test this out. Our Option Sets are Positive Integer, but they display text values, so I’m not sure the Slider, Linear scale, or Spinner render types would be appropriate. I tested changing one Data Element to mobile render type Dropdown, and there was no change. It looks like this on 2.6 regardless.

Please advise if there are any other ideas? This seems to be a bug. It renders as a dropdown just fine on 2.4 and 2.5.

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Hey @kstankevitz . This is a known bug (Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA) in the last version of the App. We are currently working on fixing it.

Sorry for the inconvinience as this was working on the previous versions and it has lead to some confussion.