Option of Sharing or restriction of Data element groups and groupsets in pivot table to a group

Hi all,

We are receiving many requests from services for either migrating or customizing their reports into DHIS2. which make us to think about expanding public view or group view on data elements groups or datasets in some reports. This is tiresome to some of our Users when they want to see only their datasets in either dataset report or Reporting rate summary.

Now the challenge of managing a big number of Datasets from diffenent services is that, Some Departments are only interested to see only data related to their service in pivot table feature, reporting rate summary and Dataset report. This option is important since most of our countries are using tracker which is sensitive(Tabular report). I would suggest to make it optional on sharing Data element group and groupsets through Pivot table and Datasets through reporting rate summary or Datasets report.

Eg. someone in charge of TB: Make it Optional: to set on either see all or only see the data elements or groups that belongs to TB units. This will reduce the scroll down of groups that are unnecessary. Some time people complain to have this option on their sensitive indicators or data elements.

This can be done using Groups, eg M&E team group: will be able to view all but some partners are only interested on limited or their indicators and Datasets in reports. The same applies to individual records through tabular reports.

This will not make data private(optional) but share based on what people want and reduce complains on some services.

This option will help us to manage big numbers of datasets and share data accordingly since DHIS2 is becoming the single reporting tool.


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