Option group set in DHIS2 2.37.3


We used DHIS2 2.37.3.

We have created Option Group Set ‘Sex’ with 'Data Dimension ’ click.

But ‘Sex’ is not available in Data Visualizer as another diemsion

Can someone please help

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Thanks @shalaw for your question - I hope you don’t mind I posted your message to the Support forum instead.

Option Group Sets are not available as dimension in DV yet - see Jira issue Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

Can you use Option set instead or is this a mixture of several option sets?

@Gassim can maybe follow up more but wanted to just answer this as I moved the topic. :slight_smile:




Thank you for your response.

I am OK with every post.

I have tried category, category group set and organization group set , and all worked fine.

Only option group set (either one option or a mixture of options) when select data dimension , not available in analytics@data visualization app.