openmrs meeting


Just a quick feedback of first half day of openmrs hackathon. There’s an ongoing overview here

Just got off the plane and was thrown into the hot seat discussing integration. It seems my first thoughts around the reporting module of openmrs were correct. There is a consensus that this is where openmrs would do the aggregation and then use an xml renderer which would output something we can consume. I am still in discussion with Ryan Crichton on the details of how openmrs would get the required metadata from DHIS and format the output report.

He is favour of using an sdmx_hd DSD for this if possible. We will spend some time this afternoon trying to craft one. If we don’t succeed then we should revert to something dxf like. It seems that they have not yet done this for the tracnet project. In fact it is not clear that anyone anywhere has yet crafted an SDMX_HD DSD file which is actually being used. Hopefully will get hold of the TZ metadata today and use that as concrete example.

Lots of the usual discussion on the difference between a dataelement and an indicator :slight_smile: Has anybody written a good one pager on this?

Daniel Kayiwa from Uganda gave a demonstartion of a really cool xforms renderer and designer he has written ( It is very nice. Would be great if we could use this.