[OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] Tomcat Out of memory Error in Deploying 2 war file

Some of this info may be useful for DHIS2 setups also, though we are promotoing DHIS Live as the primary way of running locally.



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Have you seen this wiki page?

There are a few pointers in there about settings, etc.

If your machine only has 1gb or ram then you need to be careful to only allocate 512M to tomcat, 128 to mysql, and the rest leave for the OS to use.

Tomcat starts with 64M of ram. OpenMRS likes to run with 128. So if you allocate 256 or 512 to tomcat it should be ok.

Make sure that tomcat is actually picking up the memory settings. localhost:8080/manager has a link somewhere that shows the amount allocated to it.


On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:55 PM, dodo.khan dodo.khan@aku.edu wrote:

Dear All

I want to Deploy 2 OpenMRS war file on a single Tomcat Server and I have done this successfully but after installing it creates problems in using like 500 error and out of memory again and again I restart the server and after few min s it creates a same error out of memory,

Details of installation simple I created 2 databases and deploy 2 war file of different version with different name and connect that with the specific database, I have installed it on the following configuration of the system and the software

1 GB RAM and 2.2 dual core processor and 160 GB HD, apache-tomcat-6.0.20, jdk-6 and mysql-5.0.83.

I tried to fix that memory issue of the tomcat like add more memory to Tomcat from the properties / java and added 100MB in the 3 text boxes but this again tomcat showing the same issue again and again any one of you can help me in this problem

Thanks and Regards

Dodo Khan

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