[OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] Synchronization at Partners In Health in Rwanda

In terms of deployment setups, it is interesting to see (below)
laptops with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS being used as servers. Makes a lot of
sense in many settings, I would think.



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Date: Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 9:05 PM
Subject: [OPENMRS-IMPLEMENTERS] Synchronization at Partners In Health in Rwanda
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Until 2 weeks ago, our Partners In Health (Inshuti Mu Buzima) sites in
the eastern provinces of Rwanda were running OpenMRS 1.4
synchronization branch software. Maros Cunderlik and I joined our
colleagues in Rwanda (Edwin Musonga and Dave Thomas) in order to
upgrade the database and software to OpenMRS 1.6.x with the
synchronization module (0.7). Thanks to the remote help of Ben Wolfe,
this process was quite smooth. There are 6 child servers located in
Eastern district health centers. They communicate with a parent
server located at Rwinkwavu Hospital.

In addition to new software, we also replaced child server hardware
with laptops. In the past, power outages corrupted mysql databases.
Most of our child servers were without battery backups. Hopefully the
laptop batteries with power management and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will
provide a more reliable and economical platform.

Additional details and 2 photos are included on the infrequent PIH
Medical Informatics blog: http://pihemr.wordpress.com/

Ellen Ball

Partners In Health

Boston, MA USA

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