Openmrs-client-for-dhis-web-api list announcement

Hi all

(and the usual apologies for cross posting)

HISP India have set up a mailing list to try and gather the discussion around their openmrs-dhis2 reporting module into a single channel and to coordinate the sharing of information better.

Please feel free to sign up to the list at if you are interested. And pass on the link to anyone who might be interested but not on any of the above lists.

The module code itself is here:

So far most of the effort has been from HISP India and myself but Saptarshi has also started contributing actively and some great documentation and testing work being done by Christine related to work in the Philippines so that is all starting to feel good.

I’ll provide a link to omod builds soon.

Saptarshi will provide a link to some of the emerging documentation and/or start an openmrs module wiki page shortly.

People have been very busy with all sorts of other things the past two weeks so nobody has had the time to coordinate any sort of proper communication. And quite a few things to do on the code itself which has been lying fallow for nearly two weeks. But I’m happy to report info from Arunima that the module is currently deployed and operational in a hospital in North India hospital so there will be great early feedback.

I have been involved in 4 or 5 parallel conversations with different groups of people and am struggling to keep up (also can’t always make the openmrs developer calls). Hopefully this list can provide a useful rendezvous point for further discussion and sharing of experiences.