Only one program showing in Capture app in Android Phone

I have two Tracker Program setup in my instance. When I open the Capture app, in the Choose a program menu, the two programs show up in the option in my laptop. But on my Android phone, only one of the programs is showing in the options.

I checked play demo but all the programs options are showing. I don’t know if this has to do with sharing setting or other settings.

I just figure out that when I login with the admin role, the two programs show up. I think I will need to inspect the sharing settings.

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Hey, was it a sharing settings issue? Thank!

Also, I think this post is supposed to be in Support - Assistance technique category? Thanks!

Yes I think it is the sharing setting. I made some changes to the settings of the program and share with a particular group. I then assign the group to the user. Clear cache and it is now showing.


Good to know! Thanks for sharing the solution. :+1: