Online HMIS Training Resources

Hello Community,
we’v been working on professionals capacity building and i want to know if you can suggest any online course ( can be paid ) that you recommend for a personnel working in quality improvement, HMIS and data management, data analysis and data quality related areas please?
Thank you in advance


Hello Adisu Adugna.

At eHealth4everyone, we provide such services. You can see our various training courses on our website, we have also trained participants on OpenMRS, you can also contact us for further information and questions.

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

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Hi @Adisu_Adugna! I assume you are already familiar with the online courses at and the live Level 1 and Level 2 courses we offer through the DHIS2 Academy program: Academy - DHIS2

The groups in the HISP network are also available to offer tailored courses online and in-person on a number of DHIS2 topics. If you are interested in contacting them, you can find their details on our website: HISP Network - DHIS2