One-time referrals to appear in referred orgUnits

Greetings all,

We are using the COVID-19 package provided and we wanted to make a one-time referral for Laboratory results. We want the laboratories to have a list of all TEIs that are referred to them and insert the result. One-time referral is considered because once the laboratory user provides the result, the result should appear back to the person who performed the Lab request who will further perform additional tasks. Do you think that there is a way that we can achieve this?

Thank you!!!


Hi @Melaeke,

Thank you for this question. This is something that the team is looking into a design for and it would be great to have any input to your usecase/needs here:

cc: @Markus @Shurajit_Dutta

Thanks @Karoline for your response.

The feature I have asked is indeed the same. I will closely follow it and provide any input that might help.

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