One Program Stage rendering differently than others

Recently one of our Program Stages started looking different in Tracker Capture than all the other stages… I cannot find any difference in how this stage is defined versus the other stages that have not changed. Everything highlighted in yellow never used to be shown in the program stage.

Here is a normal program stage for reference. You’ll notice the audit man is not next to each DE, and the DE and “Current” labels are not at the top of each section.:

If you click the little man next to a data element you get this error.

I have not been able to find any documentation of a similar issue. This is on 2.35.7. We also tried upgrading to and the weird rendering persists.

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Hi @kstankevitz,
Thank you for your patience! It seems to be that the table display mode for that program stage might have been unintentionally changed by a user. At this moment it’s rendering differently because ‘Compare form previous’ is selected whereas the other program stages have the display as default.
To change it back please click on the paper icon on the Timeline Data Entry widget and select ‘Default form’

For more information about this feature, please read the dhis2 docs Change table display mode for Timeline Data Entry widget

About this error will try to get @tracker-backend to check, thanks!

Thank you @Gassim. The icon in our system is not clickable. If you click it nothing happens. There is no dropdown that pops up.

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So I have absolutely no idea why this worked… but we changed the icon in the Stage Details section of the Program Stage and it fixed the problem. We are going to investigate the logs a bit more and see if there is any indication of why this fixed the problem…

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