One out of six org units is ignored during Analytics Update (Events)`

Hi… it’s been a while… but here’s a weird behaviour that I haven’t come across before - just wondering if anyone has come across it (Version 2.36.3, Build revision a95cf40).

We are inserting 100s of thousands of Tracked entities with events via the API - spread across 6 Provinces and several years.

One of the provinces does not show up in enrollment or event listing reports after analytics updates are run (on the whole data set). The enrolment data and events look identical to entries in all the other provinces… and show up in the Tracker-Capture view of enrolments for the problem province.

I am going to update the version, but can’t of the life of me figure this one out.

Thoughts or hints are welcome.

David Hagan

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Welcome back to the community! :tada: Thank you for sharing and it would be very interesting to know what’s causing the analytics to skip certain organisation units. From the developers side, if this to be investigated, it would help if there are steps to reproduce this on an instance such as Furthermore, logs are very important do you see any errors in your logs or in the response to the API requests?

There are many reasons why this could happen so the more detailed (non-sensitive info) that you could share the more possible it is to get to the issue. In addition to the above, @maikel suggested “some example of database rows of Orgunits that are working and Orgunits that are not”

Thanks! :+1:

Thanks for the response.

We left it 24 hours, loaded another big batch of data, then updated analytics, and results are starting to show for the province in question. I’m doing some manual checks on enrollment totals to see if the previous data is included or not.

Oh, and the org unit data rows in the table were identical to other entries at the same level.

I’ll take a look at the logs and see if anything is visible, and will. report back my conclusions.


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