Offline mode installation

In offline mode installation we use postgresql-12.1-1-windows-x64 as local server when I upgrade to version postgresql-13.1-1-windows-x64 is not working

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May I ask you what is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you are using? Would you like to write the steps you have taken to upgrade postgresql? Also, are you seeing any errors that you can share? Furthermore, it might help if you share the system specifications too! Thank you! (:

Dhis2 version is 28 instance
in my old PC windows 10 64bit i was use postgres version 12
and when i move to install dhis2 in new PC offline i install postgres version 13.1.1 windows x64
the tomcat is not run
----- the step to installation offline is install JAVA than postgres then configuration the environment then add a user login and add database in a postgres then run the tomcat…
thank you!!!

I’d recommend you upgrade to at least one of the latest and supported DHIS2 versions
2.36.4 | 2.35.8 | 2.34.7

For instructions on upgrading: Upgrading - DHIS2 Documentation

thank you

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You’re welcome! (: Please feel free to update the topic with the result… :+1: