Observation in Maintenance App

Dear Support, I noticed these double asterixes (see pics) in the app search menu, the drop down menu and other menus once you are within the maintenance app in DHIS2 ver 2.30

I have marked them in red and you can see that this is also reproducible on the 2.30 demo site.

From my limited experience with DHIS2, once you see those tags, it means something is not working very well and it may be something for you to look into.

Thank you.

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Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but you must register these as JIRA issues to get them addressed.

I’ve reported a number of these ** … ** issues myself - I think they related to some missing entries in translation tables, but not sure. Some has been fixed, some not (yet) - so check if there are one or more JIRA issues for these things already:

  • if not, log a new jira issue.
  • if yes, vote for it, add a comment to “bump it”, or write a follow-up here on the forum where you point out that bug issue x has been on the cards for y months and should be addressed (getting less-critical bugs fixed usually means finding creative ways of kicking some butt :wink: )


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