Notes from coordinators list

  1. CBHS

Data model and Spring beans should be reused
6 months is maximum time for development
JEE 6 will be released in two months time, modular JPA, JSF 2 and CBHS can be a way of testing these new frameworks

For now, we’re aiming at a server application, not mobile yet at this stage
Abyot going to India end of May, intensive coding starting then
Saptarshi drafts a proposal in words

  1. Web presence looks good, should point there

Wiki should have a good domain
Saptarshi sets up MediaWiki with Lucene search:

  1. Improvements for DHIS 2
    Server side validation as a rule
    JUnit tests should be made compulsory, and fix problematic tests

Use Spring’s hibernate testing?

  1. Project governance
    Bob sets up half an hour monthly conference calls