Not being able to see data elements in Capture app (Event Program)

Dear DHIS2 community,

We have a serious issue with the new Capture app in version 2.34 - not being able to see the Data Elements and Sections for an Event Program. Therefore we cannot capture data or see existing data (we only see event date and basic info). See the screenshots below where sections/data elements are just not displayed. The program was created in version 2.28 and it worked great until we upgraded to 2.34 (worked fine also in 2.29 and 2.31.8).
Additionally, in the Progra settings - we switched from SECTIONS to BASIC, but still, no data elements appear in the Capture app for this Event Program.


Hi @Kristiyan_Panayotov , having this same problem. Did you resolve this? Other event programs (that we are not using…) are working. It’s the same for the end user as well as sys admins so doesn’t seem to be a sharing/permission issue.

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels and @Kristiyan_Panayotov !
You might be affected by the linked issue:

To fix the “invisible custom form” problem, follow these steps:

  • Open the program in maintenance.
  • Go to “3. Create data entry form”
  • Select the “Custom” tab
  • Click the delete button at the bottom of the screen (this deletes the blank custom form from the server directly)
  • Do not click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen - as long as the current bug exists, this would reintroduce a blank custom form. Close the maintenance app without any further actions.
  • Clean cache and open the Capture app - everything should work normally again.

Oh yea that was a doozie but @Markus’ guidance solved it for us.

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Thank you! That resolved it. I did check to make sure that there was no custom form, but always clicked save!

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