No Vietnamese translation for Report App, Menu App (v2.34)

Dear all,
We are using DHIS2 for the reporting system in Vietnam and encounter some problems as follow in DHIS2 version 2.34. Could you please check them?

  1. Regarding to the Report App: This is still entirely in English although I change the language to Vietnamese. It may be synchronization problem from Transifex to Github.
  2. The apps in the app menu has also not been translated when changing between apps. Sometimes it shows Vietnamese interface, sometimes not.
  3. Regarding the User App, some strings are still in English although all strings on Transifex have been translated.


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Hi @Thanhmai_Jica,

Please see which I think should have answers to these:

  1. was a bug that should be fixed in upcoming patch releases
  2. a bug -, follow and vote
  3. there were some strings that were not translatable but should be in upcoming patch releases, can you provide screenshots?

Hope that helps!