No values shown for Event items in pivot tables and charts when upgrading from 2.20 to 2.22

Dear devs.

hope you are all well

PSI has upgraded its servers from 2.20 to 2.22 like 2 months ago. However, we realized that some charts and pivots are now displaying “no values found” instead the correct values. Diving into it, it seems that is happening when we are displaying event data items in charts and pivtos. I think, it is because a change introduced in 2.22 regarding the notation of the event data items. For example, the following screenshot represents a chart upgraded to 2.22 (note the event dataelement is displayed as: ‘GHA-0CS-Adh-140 Negative Test Result’ and we are getting a “no values” message).


However if we build the same chart from the scracth (directly in 2.22), in this case the event dataelement is displayed as: 'Ghana Checklist GHA-0CS-Adh-140 Negative Test Result. So in 2.22 the program name is added as the prefix (and now the values are shown properly)


Could this change in the notation be the reason of getting these analytics with empty values? If so, is there a way to make compatible both versions for these kind of charts/pivots? (I think, we have more than 150 charts/pivots with this problem)

Many thanks