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Dear dev community,

PSI usually develops custom forms (both on the aggregated and tracker side) with script code in order to implement extra functionality ot get the control of some input html fields. For example we can introduce extra attributes or events in the HTML tags as follows (where ‘custype’ attribute and the ‘onchange’ event have been introduced using the html code editor)

Now in Data Entry, If we open the form using the “old” ‘Single Event Without Registration Managment’ (under ‘Individual Records’), we can see the code above re-written as:

where all HTML attributes are there.

However if we use the new ‘Event Capture’ app, we get the following code:

where all attributes and events are missing.

Usually we get the control of HTML input fields using jQuery as follows: $(“input[custype=‘age’]”), so now using the Event Capture app we are not allowed to do that. Of course, we can use instead $(“input[name=‘VAGbWSzFIFg’]”), but this is more like a temporal solution (as it is not very readable and we cannot get the control of several DEs with the same attribute values).

Any ideas/solutions?