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Hi all

I need a help configuring a standart report.

I need to show all organization units level up from a selected organizaton unit (including this selected one and its children)

I’m using the ireport with type “jasper report with report table”

Consider the following:

Organisation unit level = organisation unit name

1-National = Sierra Leone

2-Province = Bo

3-District = Badjia

4-Health Unit = Ngelehum CHC, Njandama MCHP

Example: If the user selects “Njandama MCHP”, the report should contain the following in this exact order:

Organization Unit field1 field2 field3

Njandama MCHP value1 value2 value3

Badjia value4 value5 value6

Bo value7 value8 value9

Sierra Leone value10 value11 value12

In order to do this I have tryed the following:

  1. In the pivot table I selected the options: User org unit, Org unit Childen e Org unit Grand Children and

  2. In the report(jasper) I filtered the Organization Unit that should not be displayed.

The problem with this solution is that the Organization Units do not appear in the right order when I select Health Unit or district.

When a I select Health Unit, the report comes like:

Organization Unit field 1 field 2 field 3

Njandama MCHP value1 value2 value3

Sierra Leone value10 value11 value12

Bo value7 value8 value9

Badjia value4 value5 value6

We are using version: 2.13 and Build revision 12905

Does anyone have a clue on what i might be doing wrong?

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Marcos Lúcio António


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Problem with order the organization unit.txt (1.7 KB)