No Organisation Unit Selected - No Period Selected - No Data Element Selected

I set up a data entry form in DHIS2 aggregate, but I keep getting this error of “No organisation unit selected - No period selected - No data elements selected”. I am a superuser running DHIS2 version Please advise.


Even if it’s a superuser, shall we please confirm that user has some of the relevant organisation units assigned by going to Users App

Yes, the organisation units have been assigned to this user


Please check if there are any errors in the DevTools (F12) console and network tabs, if there are any errors please take a screenshot.

Additionally, to make sure this is not a cache issue, please use the Data Administration app (Maintenance) and click on Clear Application Cache and Reload Apps, and after that please check again in the Guest mode If it’s working on Guest mode then this is simply a cache issue but if it’s not then we need to investigate this further.

If it’s not working in Guest mode, would you check if there are any errors in the Catalina.out log? Please share it completely without sensitive info.

Thank you!

This was fixed by adding one indicator, one category combination and an one optionset.

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This solution is not working for me.

In maintenance i created an indicator, category combination and optionset.

Do i need to add the following to a dataset ?

Kind regards.