New Video on the DHIS2 for Education pilot in Uganda!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new video about the DHIS2 for Education pilot project in Uganda:

In this video, members of the local government and education department in Gulu District, Uganda talk about how using DHIS2 has helped them collect and analyze data to identify education and infrastructure needs in their district, and how the system has helped them take ownership of data at the local level and improve their communication with the Ministry of Education on the national level. HISP Uganda (represented by @prosper) also shares their perspective on the pilot, including how the HISP network was able to leverage experience and expertise from Uganda’s DHIS2 for HMIS implementation to build capacity for education data management.

The University of Oslo continues to work with international and local partners in Uganda, The Gambia, and Togo on piloting DHIS2 as an Education Management Information System (EMIS). Find out more on our website: