New translation projects. Help needed

Hi Antonia,
I will take a look at it today and let you know what I find.




On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 5:52 AM, Antonia Bezenchek - INFORMApro wrote:

Dear Jason,

we are working for the Kurdish translation.

  1. We initiate by translating the dhis-service-core

Today I try to upload the translated file dhis-service-core/en-ku.po

both as unzipped file "en-ku.po" or as a zip file,

where the en-ku.po is in the folder “dhis-service-core”.

The upload finished without errors, but at the end of the upload, the “Need Translation” remains the same number and the uploaded translations are not visible on the Translate tab. when I make the translations manually with the web interface, the counter changes and the translations are visible immediately.

I do something wrong or your intervention is needed?

I also attach the file for your verification.

If all is ok, could you submit the translation to the developer repository? Could you inform me in which build version our translation will be present?

  1. Another question:

In our implementation will be used 3 main languages - Arabic (now present with more translations), Kurdish and English

In the DHIS2 platform (we use v. 2.22, Build revision: 21973)

as Interface language is present: Arabic (Iraq) and **Arabic **- without locale.

I do not find the Arabic (Iraq) in the translation server. When I select it in the DHIS2 it has much less translations than the Arabic.

If I can’t change it with the translation server and it has few translations, it is better that it is not present in the platform, because the user can select it.

  1. In the Arabic translation of the Dashboard are missing:

“Get as image” and “Resize”

I added it to the translation directly by the web interface and I see it on the translation server.

Could you submit also the Arabic translation with the Kurdish one, in order to have also this words/phrases translated?

Thanks for your help.


2016-01-18 6:57 GMT+01:00 Jason Pickering

Hi Antonia,
I have setup a project for the Kurdish translations here

Basically, we (the dev team) provide the translation server to help translators to perform the localization and can help to merge the translations back into the source code. Translators just need to create an account on the translation server. So, once you and your partners complete the translation or get to a point where you would like us to commit the translations, let me know via email, and I will get sync the translation server with the DHIS2 source code repository.

Hope that is clear? Let us know if you have any more questions.



On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 12:11 AM, Antonia Bezenchek - INFORMApro wrote:

Hi Jason,
we are developing a dhis2 system for the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan - Iraq. Now we made the translations in arabic (Iraq), but we have to do it also in Kurdish.

Is it possible to add the Kurdish language to the dhis2 translations? You can find a translator here ( and we (and our kurdish partners) can help for the translation if needed.

Is it possible to add this language?

The flag of Kurdistan is already present.



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2016-01-14 14:47 GMT+01:00 Jason Pickering

Hi Everyone,

We have added three new translation projects to the translation server

which are the Maintenance App, the Settings app and the App Management app.

If you would like to see your language fully supported in the next release (2.22) and have some resources to help out with the translations, you should be able to get started right away. There are quite a few outstanding and new fields which will need to be updated.

We are still working on some of the automation aspects of the translation work flow, so for the meantime, please let me (or through the dev list) know once you have completed your work, and we will take care of getting it committed back into DHIS2.

Best regards,


Jason P. Pickering

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