New Translation plugin on the CoP: Now you can translate posts with one click!

We’re happy to announce a new feature on the DHIS2 Community of Practice–automatic translation of topics into the language of your preference!

The new translation plugin uses machine translation services from Google Translate to provide automatic translation to and from more than 100 languages. This feature is now enabled. To try it out for yourself, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Set your preferred language (Non-English speakers only)
(Note: English is the default language of the CoP, so if you prefer to see posts in English, you do not need to complete this step)

First, click on your photo or icon in the top right corner of the browser window, click your user name to open your user account management menu, then click on “Preferences.”

Within the user preferences menu, select the “Interface” subsection from the sidebar menu. Find the “Interface Language” option, click to open the drop-down menu, and select your preferred language.

Step 2: Translate a topic
Find a topic or post on the CoP that is in a different language from the default language you selected in your user preferences. Below the post, click on the “globe” icon for an automatic translation.

The machine translation will appear on screen directly below the post in its original language.

A few notes:

  • The translations provided by this service are automatic, and thus have not been quality assured by DHIS2. For complex or specialized technical vocabulary, we recommend cross-checking with the official DHIS2 documentation if that is available in your language, or checking with expert DHIS2 users from your language community.
  • Because this is a new feature on the CoP, it is possible that we will encounter bugs or performance issues during the initial launch phase. Please comment on this post to report any issues you encounter.
  • More information about this plugin is available here.

We hope that this new feature makes the Community of Practice even more useful and usable for our community members from around the world. Happy translating!