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Hi Prosper,

That would be great. Please send us all your fomrs, and together we can plan for the best possible implementation.




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Hi Prosper,

Thank you for your interest in DHIS2 and its community module that handles individual level data recording, reporting and tracking. The community module is intended to assist in the working practices of health workers who are engaged in maintaining primary registers - such as family planning register, mother and child register (ANC, immunizatition, PNC…) and the like. In theory you can define any individual level register (including TB and Malaria) that you could find at lowest level health administrative units in a typical developing country setting.

Below is a link for documentation

There you will get a manual from our pilot site currently India (Malawi, Tanzania, Bangladish, Sri Lanka are also interested with the system). You can also take a look for the mobile extension of the community module. With the mobile extension, health workers can go house-to-house guided by “service provision tour guide” which we call activityplan and provide services at the same time collecting data using mobile phones. The data collected can be uploaded to the community module of dhis2 for record maintenance and also generation of aggregate figures for routine reporting - which DHIS2 is very powerful in doing that.

We are yet to have a demo (with dummy individuals, programs and their association) for the community module. But we do have a demo for DHIS2, you can find it from

Using the dhis2 demo, together with the community documentation, you can play with the functionalities of the community module. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us - you can reach all developers of DHIS2 and its community module using


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    Dear Team,
    Thanks for the support towards DHIS2, in Uganda we are trying to adopt DHIS and would also want to look into the DHIS2 community for individual patient records.

    Is it possible to get in touch with the development team or even get a demo to begin with.
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Dear Abyot

Uganda is in high gears of implementing DHIS2 we have contacted Oslo and Tz and we planned the training and customization of HMIS tools for dec 2010. MoH Uganda wants to roll it out in Jan 2011. However they have asked to identify a system to support all the registers you mentioned plus HIV care registers, patients care cards, TB, PMTCT, etc I can send you copies of these tools for you to advise on whether they can be supported.


Prosper Behumbiize, MPH
CDC-Uganda, HIS

Dear all,
We are pleased to inform you that dhis2 is running live in 37 states of the country in Nigeria for global fund malaria treatment and diagnosis, maternal and child health care, enhancing national response ENR, logistics etc. with each state having a server for data entry. We set up a 2 tier achitecture, the application server and the database server with a full database replication that makes the database well secured. The global fund malaria project and family are patient level data although we wrote sql script for the horizontal aggregation. We are planning to integrate the application with sales and warehouse. We will be sharing our experiences with from time to time. In the meantime we use jtrac for users issues tracker and can be found on while the main dhis2 is We are presently working on integrating dhis2 with toplink for oracle and other jdbc supported db.
Let me pause here to say a big thank you to all the developers of dhis2 for their untiring support and rapid response to bugs and issues.

Best Regards.


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