New system administrator list

Hi all

Recently we held a small academy in Kigali, Rwanda, dedicated to system administration aspects of dhis2. The time was 4 days, which was too short, so amongst other things we resolved that we would continue to interact and learn together as a community of practice going forward. One way we will do that is by establishing a google group dedicated to sysadmin related topics:

Some us have also been busy over the past few weeks dealing with issues related to the struts security vulnerability which affected many in our dhis2 community. Having a targeted list like this will also be useful for getting out the word of security advisories to the right people as early as possible.

The group is open for anyone to join at present and will likely remain so. But be warned that this is not for general dhis2 discussion and should only really be of interest to those who work at the backend. The link is below.!forum/dhis2-system-administrators

Please feel free to join (and introduce yourself when you do).