New proxy integration features in 2.40


Excited to hear more details on the new proxy integration features coming in 2.40! I’m hoping I can use this for example to allow a user to more securely connect to external systems in an app platform app using their username and password via the following method:

  1. User inputs the url they wish to connect to
  2. App configures a proxy within DHIS2 using this new feature to support this connection
  3. User enters their username and password (or PAT) for the external system
  4. The app sends any requests to the local proxy server with these credentials rather than directly to the external server

Of course the external server will still need to have the source on their CORS whitelist, but this would still be a massive step forward in allowing us to connect to external sources securely within app platform apps!

Would the above be possible based on what’s planned for this new feature? Looking forward to learning more.

Many thanks for all your amazing work!