New Pivot Table App

(Scott Russpatrick) #1

Hello community,

The UiO analytics development team is getting ready to start development on a new pivot table app to replace the current pivot table app. This new app will have a much improved and more intuitive user experience. It will also include enhanced functionality for drill down, scorecards, league tables, and progress indicators.

We invite you to have a look at the current interactive mock-up here:

You can also check out the currently listed new features that will be included in the new pivot table app here:

Please tell us what you like, what you do not like, and what else you need. We welcome all feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Team Analytics

(Natalie Tibbels) #2

Love the new scorecard functionality!

(Scott Russpatrick) #3

On behalf of Carolyn Tauro,


Love the improved features on this app. Haven’t tested them all. A few suggestions:

  1. Options > Reset Title of table every time an update is made OR warning to check title since table content has been changed.
  2. Options > Title: Have list of key words for ‘Data, Periods, Org unit’ selected to facilitate quick, consistent, standardised, title change.
  3. Download > Allow for ‘Image’ and ‘PDF’ options of tables, just as in Data Viz, for easier use (for example, in external reporting)
  4. Data > Allow for 2 indicators to be assigned as ‘numerator’ and ‘denominator’ so percentages, proportions, rates are automated on the table. For example, ANC 1st visit (numerator), Total ANC visits (denominator), Automated percentage of First ANC visits (third column)
  5. Data > Just as in Event reports, prefix to DATA items to indicate whether DE, PI, Ind or Prog Agg Indicator.


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(Scott Russpatrick) #4

On behalf of @bram_piot

"Not sure whether this is already scheduled, but in case it’s not: it would be really useful to have more flexibility in selecting relative periods in pivot tables and other analytics modules.

Rather than being restricted by specific relative periods (e.g. last 12 months), having the user specify a combination of period type and number of periods will allow for covering all possible relative periods: “Last [x] [period type]” whereby [x] is entered by the user and [period type] is selected from a drop-down. For instance, i can then generate a table with data for the last 9 months as relative period, which is currently not possible. Separate parameters will be required to select current period (today/this week/this month etc.) and “periods this year”"

(Scott Russpatrick) #5

Hi @bram_piot,

This is a good suggestion. We’ll look into if this is possible. Thanks for the feedback.


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(Damien Scarlett) #6

Hi there,
Looking good! Any chance there can be a ‘colour gradient’ option added for cells (e.g. red for high values, yellow for low) a bit like the options in Excel, the Conditional Formatting section? I’ve found users to like them to get a quick overview of the data.

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(Scott Russpatrick) #7

Hi Damien, thank you for your feedback. Yes, that will be included in the new application. Also, applying legend is already available in the current pivot table application under the options menu.

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