New members: Welcome to the CBS community! + Monthly calls

Dear DHIS2 CBS Community!

We had quite a lot of people join the CBS list after announcing the community in the DHIS2 newsletter - so I want to wish you all welcome! I hope you have had the chance to look around a bit on the Knowledge Gateway community, but I also wanted to curate a couple of discussions and resources that old and new members might find useful.

Key activities for the CBS community:
● Share implementation experiences and lessons learned from countries
● Share technical solutions across country implementations (DHIS 2 platform configurations, how was DHIS 2 "mapped" to surveillance activities in the country etc.)
● Discuss DHIS 2 requirements and priorities
● Share core use cases descriptions (e.g. per disease)
● Share updates on software development and roadmap process for improving CBS capabilities in DHIS 2
● Share updates on country status on DHIS 2 for CBS implementations
● Develop shared training materials and plan trainings together - leverage the DHIS 2 academy program

Discussion topic: The purpose and need for a CBS community<>
CBS Demo and Design Document<>
Disease Surveillance Dashboard in Jira<>
Discussion topic: CBS requirements in Jira<>

Upcoming academies:
A reminder of the Disease Surveillance academies coming up in Namibia in November, and in Vietnam in January - registration is open<> for the November academy!

Monthly calls:
This has been something people have mentioned as a way to make the community both more active and interactive. We would therefore like to hear from the community 1) what kind of topics you would like to see in a monthly call 2) if you would like to contribute with a demo, implementation experience or anything else in one of the calls. Recommendations for affordable webinar solutions which can accommodate enough people is also welcome.

Best regards,
The DHIS2 CBS team