New major version of the app-platform (v10)

Hi everyone!

We’ve just released a new major version of the app-platform, version 10. The only breaking change is that we’ve dropped support for node 12, so we now only support node 14 and up (the current LTS versions).

Under the hood we updated create-react-app from v4 to v5, and since they dropped support for node 10 and 12 it was time we did the same. It should be an easy upgrade for everyone. If you encounter any issues let us know!

For a detailed overview of what’s changed you can view the changelog here: app-platform/ at master · dhis2/app-platform · GitHub, and there’s a blogpost here: App-platform v10 | DHIS2 Developer Portal


Thanks @ismay! Can’t wait to d2 app scripts init newApp using the new version of app-platform. :smiley: