New JHU report highlights DHIS2 as leading tool for COVID-19 response

This week, Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative published a new report summarizing the findings of their assessment (carried out at the request of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) of digital platforms that have an established presence in low- and middle-income countries, and could be rapidly reconfigured to address COVID-19 related case management and contact tracing needs. They concluded that DHIS2 Tracker is one of two platforms that "stand out for their maturity, flexibility, and large-scale deployment."

We are very pleased with the results of this assessment, and are grateful to the core DHIS2 team, the HISP network and the global DHIS2 community for helping to develop, deploy, and provide valuable feedback on the DHIS2 COVID-19 digital data packages, as well as the core software and applications that make these packages possible. The JHU report gave special recognition to DHIS2’s “large active global community of implementers with experience in customization” – we could not have done it without you!

You can see and share JHU’s Twitter thread announcing this report, and read the full report in PDF format here.


Dear Max

Thank you very much for this, for your interest and your predisposition

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El El vie, 24 jul. 2020 a la(s) 05:26, Max Krafft via DHIS2 Community <> escribió:

This is great news Max and the entire DHIS2 community.

Well done.

In future consider Low income countries in registration fee.

Nice information to all DHIs2 community but i want to know how can i add covid 19 codes in my dhis2 ?

Hi @Nkussa. The standard Covid-19 metadata files are available for download here:

On that page you can also find documentation and guides for how to install the metadata packages into your DHIS2 system.

If you have difficulty, you can find support in the Covid-19 forum: