New DHIS2 metadata packages released

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New DHIS2 metadata packages are now available as part of the DHIS2 health data toolkit in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF.

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Vaccine preventable disease (VPD) case-based surveillance (tracker): The integrated VPD surveillance tracker supports case-based reporting of nine (9) commonly notifiable diseases in a single program, standard indicators, dashboards for analysis and alerts. The package was designed with a global surveillance expert advisory group with subject matter experts from WHO Health Emergencies, WHO AFRO, and US CDC.

Vital Events Notification (tracker): The Vital Events (VE) Tracker is a tool designed to expand coverage of the reporting of vital events from health facilities such as birth, stillbirths, and death to the national CRVS. The VE tracker program allows triggering of real time notifications directly from the point of care.The package is developed with UNICEF & WHO in alignment with new guidelines for health sector contributions to CRVS strengthening.

TB Drug Resistance Survey (tracker): This package supports countries implementing anti-tuberculosis drug resistance surveys (DRS), which are discrete studies measuring drug resistance among a selected sample of individuals who are representative of an entire population with TB. The package was designed with WHO Global Tb programme according to survey protocols.

Cause of Death (event/tracker): The COD package update includes full French language support (including French local dictionary) and support for the WHO emergency ICD-10 codes for COVID-19. This package is designed with alignment to the WHO medical certification of cause of death and associated work processes for assigning a cause of death for analysis of mortality data.

HIV, TB & Malaria core HMIS modules (dashboard/analytics & aggregate): Core HMIS packages for these health programmes have been updated to support logistics/stock data reporting from health service delivery sites and integrated analysis of health services and logistics data for programme management dashboards. In addition, the malaria package contains a new data quality dashboard to bring data quality issues closer to users. These packages accompany the WHO Toolkit for Routine Health Information System Data, including analysis guides and training materials.

Please continue the conversation with us on the Implementation Category to let us know your own experience designing, implementing and installing packages for these use cases!


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