New DHIS2 Apps

Hi. The apps on display at the conference were very exciting. Particularly those that made the finalists in the app competition. Will any of them be coming to us any time soon.


@carapai and @stephocay any plans to publically release your apps as @vikwato is asking?


Hello - we tried to install the data import wizard app developed by HISP Uganda on our instance but we unfortunately weren’t able to - we received the error that DHIS 2 could not find a manifest file in the zip container. Any help to complete the installation would be greatly appreciated, the app is so useful and we would love to be able to use it!

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Hi @Guerra-Arias_Maria,

Have you compressed the zip file? because on my server the application is successful and has been used.



Hi Taufiq,

Thanks for your message - I am not installing it myself, but have the support of an IT professional, and he said that he is “following the build instructions in the readme and receiving lots of node errors”. He has suggested that maybe the developer can provide a pre-built zip file containing the ready-to-deploy app.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!


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You can directly install the latest version from the DHIS2 play store


Thanks! Will try that.

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Thanks Charles! App is excellent!

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Which apps were these and what they do…

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Hi @WaluQ, the apps are mentioned here: DAC 2019 - feedback, reflections and Facebook live!. Feel free to reach out to the team for more information on the apps.


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