New attribute type (Advanced Function) for integration with external systems

Proposed new Value Type: Function

Hello everyone we were thinking of a missing but important “advance user” feature in DHIS2 which could use basic coding to integrate with other external system in order get data into field as values.

Since we can get values from “attribute id” and change/add using this proposed function area (see attached examples). The idea is that we don’t need to use custom-form to achieve this.

For example, we used this methodology while doing pilot testing on one of our programs to get external patient personal data from Ministry of Interior to DHIS2. We used the national ID as a field and used simple button to get the data back from a sample database, but to do this we used the DHIS2 custom-form and built it there. (see attached)

If this function is available as a value type, we wouldn’t need to use custom forms constantly since custom-forms could affected by future dhis2 releases.

If this could be somehow integrated would be an asset as a starting point. It would be good to have this “code area” through a function where we could use until a different method of integration with other systems is available as standard in dhis2 (see screen shot example of what we had in mind)

A list of attributes which could be added to the code area could be shown on the right side so that the user can click on it and add its ID number to the Function Body.

We hope that you would consider having such function or similar method to which we can connect with, integrate and get external data from other systems.


Hi @SalehAbbas,
Sorry for the late response! If you would still like to create a feature request on (with a link to this topic for community discussion); however, it might help if you get other community members to vote for the feature.

From my perspective, I think trying an approach that would work using the DHIS2 Custom apps might be your best bet for now.


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