New Aggregate COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery (COVIDVAC) Toolkit- Version 1.1.0

Dear all,

we are pleased to announce that a new updated version of the aggregate Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery metadata package is available both in EN and FR in the new demo instance

The COVIDVAC version of the COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Package (version 1.1.0.) is an optimization of the COVAC COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Package (version 1.0.0.). It has been developed to support the data collection and reporting tools in the WHO AFRO Region.

Despite some differences (listed below), the COVIDVAC version as much as the COVAC version match and support the global and regional reporting requirements such as the eJRF.

The main differences between the two versions (v1.1.0. VS v1.0.0.) are:

  • The age disaggregation: Adult/Older adult VS 0-59 years/60+ years
  • The addition of the disaggregation by Existing underlying condition/No underlying condition in the “Vaccination Delivery Dataset” VS the Number of people with underlying conditions as a subset of the total population receiving a vaccine dose.
  • The presence of a list of available vaccines as an attribute of the “Vaccination Delivery Dataset” VS the disaggregation of the data by Vaccine 1,2,3.
  • Similarly, a list of available vaccines is present in the “Vaccine Stock Dataset” VS the disaggregation of the data by Vaccine 1,2,3.
  • The “Population Dataset” can be edited depending on the availability of demographic data.
  • The constants are all the vaccines available at present VS general placeholders Vaccine 1,2,3.

Metadata packages, documentation, and technical guides will be available for download shortly.